At GHEPS, we provide professional plumbing services that will keep your plumbing systems running smoothly. Our services are reasonable that won’t hurt the consumers pocket.

Plumbing works as a backbone to any modern day structure, or building that connects a wide network of sewer lines and the water work lines. The main job of the plumbing system is to supply clean water to the end user and carry out the dirty water out of the system. It is of utmost importance, so t is necessary that the plumbing lines are well-maintained and don’t cause any issue for years to come.

Plumbing work
Leak detection

Nowadays, most of the buildings have complex, internal, and hidden plumbing systems that can malfunction any time and the impact can be severe which can cause serious inconvenience for the occupants if the repairs are not carried out on time. Therefore, to avoid costly expenses and inconvenient repairs than a proper maintenance service should be scheduled.

Plumbing services include the following key spheres:

Leak detection

For leak detection, we use the latest equipment to detect leaks above the slab and under the raised foundations, which otherwise will be difficult to detect.

Sewer and Drain cleaning

Drains can easily get clogged over time and will require the services of a professional to properly fix the issue. We use special drain and sewer unclogging machines and tools that will unclog the plumbing lines.


Faucets are plumbing systems that are prone to breakage and leakages over time, and they are usually subject to wear and tear due to constant usage. Our professional plumbers know how to handle and repair all types of faucets, be it in your bathroom or kitchen.

Preventive maintenance plans

These plans not only provide you peace of mind, but it is also cost-effective in a sense, if the potential problems are detected in the plumbing system and get fixed in time. So in this regard, you don’t have to spend costly repairs at a later stage. With the regular servicing and inspection, you will ensure that the plumbing systems are performing optimally.


At GHEPS, we also use other types of latest machines for plumbing services like hydro-jetting, garbage disposal, pressure regulators, gas lines and water heaters as well. With years of experience in this field, our plumbers have accumulated experience and profound knowledge of how to fix them instantly.

Emergency services provided 24/7

If you have suddenly found yourself in a situation where you have a leaking or burst pipe or your boiler has broken down in the middle of the night in the winter season, we have an emergency plumbing team at your service as well. We know how much inconveniences these issues can cause and you don’t have to put up with a faulty or broken plumbing system for long because we are here to help you with your emergency repairs and solve them as efficiently and quickly as possible.

We also understand that when in crisis, the last thing you want is to wait for hours for a plumber to turn up. However, once you contact us for the services, we will be there at your place in no time.

Our services are reasonable that won’t put a burden on your pocket, and we can guarantee you that our prices will be transparent with no hidden costs. The estimated quotation that will be provided to you will be competitive.

The emergency plumber you can trust

At GHEPS, we provide comprehensive plumbing services that will cover all the plumbing emergency issues. Whether you are facing issues with your central heating or there is a water leakage we will be there to help you in quickly fixing the issue.

Moreover, all of our plumbers and engineers are qualified with years of experience. We have worked with every plumbing and heating equipment on the market and have supplied our services to customers, both big and small. Because of this, we have seen almost every plumbing crisis there may be to see and bring our profound knowledge into every job we do.

Our certified, competent and friendly emergency plumbers can be contacted at any hour of the day of the week and will be dispatched quickly to repair your plumbing and make your home warm, dry, and cosy.

We understand that emergencies don’t always take place at some point of daytime, so that is why our phone line is active and open to calls 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

What our clients say

Merry Smith

I was facing issues with my drains and call GHEPS to provide a reasonable solution and solve it. I was pleased and satisfied. They were on time and provided efficient services.

John Smith

I call GHEPS when I got damaged and needed immediate fixing. They met at my place as soon as possible and fixed everything.

Nina J.

I would highly recommend their services if you are considering upgrading your bathroom fixtures. They are the best and use only quality parts.