Heating Work

Combination boilers are the best choice for most residential properties that have up to three bedrooms and one bathroom and provide immediate hot water and rapid heating radiators while retaining the use of space to a minimum.

Perhaps you have a home that has four or more bedrooms and also more than one bathroom or en-suites. in this case; you will need an unvented hot water system to deal with the added demand on the hot water that a combination boiler may not deliver.

Houses in need of upgrade frequently have dated, inefficient or risky heating structures, while others can also have none in any respect. In these cases, it is going to be important to have a brand new boiler and radiators installed.

A central heating system includes a heat source combined with related heat outlets. This normally means a boiler and radiators, but it may also suggest underfloor heating.

Heating Work

New Boiler Installations

Our expert heating engineers have installed several boilers in homes across the United Kingdom every year. We provide competitive prices on all our installation work and install only the highest standard boilers available in the market of popular brands. 

Our engineers are fully skilled and have a high level of expertise in all systems and product ranges. So they are on hand to provide answers to any questions you could have approximately about your heating setup.

We will not only install your new boiler; however, we will also install any new radiators or heating controls that you may need and can show you the way to use them.

As we are the best heating professionals, there really is no one better to speak to find out more.

Find out more about boiler installations or get your free online boiler estimate by speaking to one of our customer representatives.

Heating Repairs

If something is not right with your boiler or central heating system, it could be a big reassurance to understand that the issues are being looked by some of the most experienced and certified heating engineers in Kent, Surrey and South East London.

All of our engineers are rigorously trained to discover any issues and will know exactly what to do to solve the problem.

Our heating engineers will tell you what is wrong with your boiler or central heating system in simple words so that you are capable of making an informed decision about how best to proceed in resolving the hassle.

Control Upgrade

If your utility bills are going out of control, then possibly you must look at what may be done to your current machine to make it more energy-efficient.

On a daily basis, we attend properties where there are not even room thermostats to control the temperature inside the house. These simple, powerful controls can make a big saving for your electricity bill.

Recently, TRV’S are seen as an important aspect of efficiency, we at GHEPS, include them on our new installs as standard.

When you are prepared to upgrade to a more energy-efficient boiler, whether or not it is a regular heat boiler or a combination boiler, GHEPS will provide you with sincere and unbiased advice on what appliance is most suitable for your needs.

What our clients say

Merry Smith

I was facing issues with my drains and call GHEPS to provide a reasonable solution and solve it. I was pleased and satisfied. They were on time and provided efficient services.

John Smith

I call GHEPS when I got damaged and needed immediate fixing. They met at my place as soon as possible and fixed everything.

Nina J.

I would highly recommend their services if you are considering upgrading your bathroom fixtures. They are the best and use only quality parts.